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About Tantra

All women want secretly desire to receive plenty of love, care and attention. She wants to be cherished and touched the way she would stop controlling herself and feel her female power and joy of energy, which is awaken and belongs only to her.

Yet women often encounter partners who have little patience for such exploring of their bodies so women are often unaware of what their bodies can offer. Tantra massage takes you deep down to your real feelings and full body and mind relaxation. It will cherish your with tenderness and excitement you might have not encounter ever before.


A part of tantra massage can also be intimate massage of Yoni and pelvis or you can enjoy it simply as a sensual ritual on its own. Any massage moves and touching is completely safe and non-invasive; your feelings and borders are the only limitations. All massage also include 30 minutes of time for talking to Kumar and a final relaxation.