The following are some frequently asked questions and answers. If there is a Tantra massage or a meditation related problem, please do not hesitate to ask us.


What are your hours?
Usually from Tuesday to Sunday, divided into two hours in the afternoon and evening, from 14:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon and from 19:00 to 23:00 in the evening. Some dates may only have afternoon session or evening session. Please check the schedule.


​When I have sex with my partner, I have never had a vaginal orgasm. Which treatment can solve this problem?

The occurrence of climax is the influence of many comprehensive factors. Basically, from the perspective of Tantra, no vaginal orgasm is not a problem. The reason may be that some part of the energy is tied or suppressed, it will not only affect the degree of sexual pleasure will also cause some unconscious predicament in life. As long as you loosen these energy entanglements, you can naturally enjoy it more relaxedly in sex. When you can fully enjoy the feeling of here and now, without climax as a goal or an end point, the climax can naturally happen.

The goal of this workshop is to make the sexual energy flow freely, not only through meditation, but also to relax the fixed energy zone directly by massage, so it can really help to improve sexual pleasure, but the actual situation you still need to look at your energy status, and you don't have to be able to reach your goal in a single treatment. With the current treatment design, it is recommended that you book the Tantra Meditation with Massage. It will gradually lead you to awaken your senses and perceptions from meditation, and then activate the energy through massage to reach the goal of mobility.


​Is there a difference between Tantra massage and erotic massage?
Yes, there is a big difference not only the technique but also the purpose. Tantra Massage uses breath, meditation, energy work, physical work, and sensory awakening to bring you into your body, feel deeper, awaken energy, release negative thoughts and emotions in your mind. And give a space to enter a state of full love, tolerance, pleasure, and happiness. On the other hand, the satisfaction of erotic massage in pursuit of sexual desire is relatively limited and empty.


​Do you have any restrictions on types of women for sessions??
Absolutely not. I work with all women regardless of age (18 + of course), size, or race. All of my clients are treated equally with respect and care. But notice that you don't book the period during your late pregnancy or menstruation. However, because Tantra massage sessions needs to break a lot of conditions, it is also fierce, so whether or not to receive the session can only confirmed after consultation.


How do I make an appointment?
You can go to the "Reservation" tab, click "Subscribe Now" below the schedule and fill out the form, or go to our Facebook page and press the "Send Message" button, let us know the time you wanna book, and quickly someone will reply to confirm your booking and give you the information you need. Alternatively, you can also leave a message directly in the "Contact" tab of the site.


​Does the session include sex?
No, although Tantra massage uses sexual energy to heal, the process will bring sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but its essence is still a kind of meditation energy work. Because of the misunderstanding of the society, Tantra has been seriously stigmatized. And some so called "Tantra massage", has not much meditation included. Without it, the effect is easily limited to the level of body sense. It is easy to be confused with sexual services.


​What if I must cancel or reschedule my appointment? 
Life can sometimes be unpredictable and out of our control. Knowing this, I simply ask that you please be considerate and respectful of my time. Only book a session if you are sure you will be available.


I am a single woman and am interested in the Tantric Ritual.  Can I learn this in a session for myself?
Yes. The Tantric Ritual is an amazing, awakening experience that can affect your life and help you connect more intimately with yourself and others.  The way I do this is that I play the part of the male in the ritual. Of course I am still in a professional role, however we do reach a deep level of connection. By this I do not mean anything physical or sexual. Through the Ritual, we do become much more spiritually and intimately connected. Because of this, I recommend that you have at least one Tantric session before exploring the Ritual.


​Do I have to be spiritual or have a deep understanding of Tantra to schedule a session? 
Absolutely not! All different types of people schedule sessions! Some are curious about Tantra and want to learn and incorporate Tantric practices into their lives. Others use sessions as a relaxing, pleasurable, and welcomed mini-vacation. Couples schedule to learn new things, enhance the love and sacred sexuality between them, and/or simply enjoy and honor each other’s company.  


​How often do you suggest getting Tantric sessions?
This would be something you’d have to ask your own body. I’d recommend scheduling a session and seeing how you feel afterwards. If you enjoy the session very much, determine how Tantric sessions can fit into your lifestyle. I have a number of clients who consider me their regular personal therapist, yet others book sessions once every couple months. If you originally scheduled a session in order to become more open within your body, I would greatly encourage you to rebook in a week or two because the body’s habit is to go back to the “old brain” patterns. We have to keep working and moving forward to let go of the old and move into the new.   


​This will be my first Tantric experience.  What session would you recommend? 
Since this is your first experience, I would recommend the Tantra Massage with Meditation,because the Yoni Massage session and Alchemy Ritual need to have a meditation foundation to have a better effect; so it is recommended to have at least one complete Tantra meditaiton with massage experience first.


​I want to schedule a Tantric session and/or Sacred Tantric Ritual session for my partner and I am thinking of making it a surprise.  How would I go about this? 
It’s wonderful that you’d like to treat your partner to a session, but even though it may be a surprise, please make sure your partner will be comfortable. You might want to show her my website or mention it in conversation to get a better idea. And remember, the Tantric session and Sacred Tantric Ritual can be customized to both of your preferences. 


​I am very interested in learning Tantra energy massage. Will there be related training?
Remember, Tantra is not just a massage technique, it requires a certain level of meditation, and it takes years to work on yourself to make progress. For now we regularly open a Tantra meditation workshop in "Essential Living", focusing on the experience and learning of various meditation techniques, can be applied to the activation, purification and transformation of sexual energy.


​I am very unconfident about myself and shy about nakedness. Will this affect the session?
In our session, we will create a very safe atmosphere through the design of the space and the generosity of the leader. You don't have to worry about it. On Tantric path, you must realize that your body is a temple. This is a very important thing. We will practice through Tantra meditation, sees your sacred essence, and then know yourself, cherish yourself and live yourself.


​Why are there only treatments for female cases or partners? Have you designed for men?
For now, we have Tantra meditation workshop, included breathing and meditation, and sedative pacification. This is not affected by the opposite direction of the polarity energy flow of the male and female chakras. But in Tantra energy massage session, because there are only male facilitator, in this case, the energy cannot flow because the chakras are conflict in polarity.


If I still can't let go my mind fuck until the end, after the session, will there be more self-denial or blame?
Yes, of course, this is possible, so this session is based on meditation, connecting yourself through meditation and being more responsible for your own feelings. So if there is any part of the session that you really don’t want to do, you have this power to say it and make decisions for yourself. In addition, this session, in addition to meditation, directly bypasses the mind, opens sexual energy, and shakes the constraints or emotions that are originally grasped through the flow of sexual energy, and the awareness is like a light that will illuminate some deeper layers. The unconscious darkness is like a darkest room. You won't see some of the annoying things, so you think that those don't exist. When you start to meditate, just like turning on the lights, you find its filled with spider webs, cockroaches, and mice. You think this is brought by meditation, but meditation just lets you see it, and only when you start to seeing it, you can start cleaning up.


This is a journey to the inner world. Everyone who comes to me is not an accident. At some point, we have to decide whether or not to jump off the cliff. If this is your moment, I have nothing to encourage you. You can only make this decision yourself.


Can gay men receive Tantra sessions?
Basically, Tantra energy massage works on the basis of the chakra energy flow cycle. Generally speaking, the chakra energy flow direction of men and women is opposite. Through the practice of pairing with the opposite sex, an energy cycle can be created in their deep connection. Because the chakra energy flow direction of gay often differs from the innate physiological direction, through the meditation with the opposite sex, it can help the flow direction to return to the body's own setting, and it is easier to integrate in the body and mind, which is irrelevant to sexual orientation. .





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