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The best massage in Taipei

The best massage in Taipei

Taiwan has recently become a popular destination for Japanese travelers. In Taipei's night markets, you can enjoy affordable and delicious food, and Taiwan's foot massages are also an interesting experience. Though it can be quite painful, it leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed afterward. In addition to foot massages, there is a dreamlike massage in Taipei that is not well-known among Japanese tourists, and it's called "tantra massage."

Last week, I visited Taipei and experienced an extraordinary level of healing and relaxation. Due to its rarity and popularity, I had made a reservation a month in advance. The location is in the old community of Wanhua, near the famous Longshan Temple, and it's only about a 2-minute walk from the subway station to the studio. The studio is situated on a quiet lane, resembling a nostalgic Japanese-style home, and my initial nervousness about the environment gradually subsided as I entered.

Tantra massage is an ancient Indian healing technique that combines meditation, energy healing, and bodywork. It uses "sexual energy" for healing and includes Yoni massage (massage of the genital area). At the studio, there are several different sessions to choose from, mainly divided into Meditation Healing Series, as well as the Sensory Ecstasy Series. Due to my limited English proficiency, I couldn't opt for the Meditation Healing Series, so I ultimately chose the Sensory Ecstasy Series.

This series emphasizes the enjoyment of bodily sensations in a comfortable manner, akin to a sensual or erotic massage.

The studio is small but exudes a luxurious atmosphere with its sophisticated design. Upon arrival, the therapist served me a herbal tea specially prepared for tantra massage. It had an enchanting aroma and a slightly sour taste. The therapist, a handsome gentleman with a beard, exuded a mature and gentle charm that naturally put me at ease. He took some time to understand my objectives and explained the entire process in detail, providing a reassuring feeling.

The massage starts with taking a shower in a lavish bathroom. There are four types of energy shower gels to choose from, which give a feeling of divination, reflecting one's current state.

The massage is performed completely naked. The therapist's techniques are incredibly diverse and exquisite, making you feel enveloped in his hands. It felt as if we were merging at a deep level, and I couldn't help but shed tears at being cherished so deeply. As the massage progressed, my sensations gradually expanded, and I became more sensitive. Every touch made my body tremble, and I naturally desired to be filled and fulfilled.

While I experienced the most intense climax in my life, I didn't feel the usual emptiness or exhaustion that comes after regular sex. My entire body entered a state of deep relaxation. At the end, the teacher supported my heels with his palms, ensuring I remained still. During those few minutes, it felt like I was drifting in the depths of the sea, where my body no longer perceived gravity and seemed to expand like air.

After it was over, I laid there for a while, relaxing. Overflowing with gratitude, tears streamed down my face. It truly was a relaxing and passionately mystical journey. I am extremely delighted to have booked this session.

Upon returning from the deep sea, I took another shower, had a conversation with the teacher again, and received an explanation about the sensations afterwards. My consciousness was empty, and I found it challenging to express in words. However, as I left the studio, I felt that my mind and body were completely satisfied.

This is a secret experience in Taipei, a massage that cannot be found in Japan but is famous for healing in Bali and Europe. This experience was truly fortunate and delightful. I have decided to experience it again in six months. For those interested, don't forget to make a reservation in advance!


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