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Our Story

In the busy modern life, excessive pressure and interpersonal alienation make us forget the essence of our core, the senses become dull, the body becomes stiff, the energy of life stagnates, and we feel unable to live ourselves. Lack of nourishing intimacy, the break of the roots of sexual energy, let you forget the gentle touch of care for a long time.


Founded by Antar Kumar, this workshop inherited several Tantra Masters from Europe and South America. Considering the needs of modern people, we introduce a session that integrates meditation and energy work, so that you can relax and grow new life energy through Tantra body and mind orgasm.



Our Sessions and Features

This studio provide sessions includes Tantra Meditation Session, Tantra energy massage & meditation session, Tantra Yoni massage, Full day Tantra Ritual, Chakra balanced herb bath, Tantra goddess celebration, Kama Sutra Tantra Ritual, Tantra Sacred Couple Ritual.


In this process, you will experience the deep relaxation and nourishment brought by Tantra body and mind orgasm, gain more vitality, and better observe your own essence and needs, thus enhancing the overall satisfaction of your body and mind.


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