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Precipitating in a relaxed space



Aware the moment, connect with the universe



Awaken your senses with gentle touch



Active your Kundalini energy from your root chakra



Delicate care takes you straight to the ecstasy



Bring you the deepest relaxation with Tantric Orgasm

Our Story

In the midst of our busy modern lives, overwhelming pressure and interpersonal disconnection cause us to forget the essence of our being. Our senses grow dull, our bodies stiffen, and our life force becomes stagnant, leaving us feeling unable to fully express ourselves. The absence of nurturing intimacy and a disconnection from our sexual energy roots can leave us without the gentle touch and care we so desperately need.


Founded by Antar Kumar, this workshop draws on the traditions of several Tantra Masters from Europe and South America. By combining ancient wisdom with the needs of modern people, we are proud to introduce Taiwan's first Tantra massage course that integrates meditation and energy work. Join us after a hectic day to experience unparalleled relaxation and care, and to create new life energy through the sublime release of Tantra body and mind orgasm.

Our Sessions and Features

This studio provide sessions includes【Meditation Healing Series】, which is including the Tantra Meditation Session, Tantra Massage with Meditation, Yoni Massage, Kama Sutra Tantra Alchemy and so on. And 【Sensory Ecstasy Series】Includes 30-minute trial session, Tantra erotic massage, goddess sensory ecstasy feast, etc.


In this process, you will experience the deep relaxation and nourishment brought by Tantra body and mind orgasm, gain more vitality, and better observe your own essence and needs, thus enhancing the overall satisfaction of your body and mind.


Business Hour​




Tantra is an ancient way to use the healing power of sexual energy to open your mind and senses, to change, transform, live yourself, and to love. From the Sanskrit word meaning, in Tan-Tra, "Tan" refers to extension, and "Tra" is the way or method, so Tantra is broadly a path to extension. Although it uses sexual energy, sexual energy is actually the basic form of all energy, it is the energy of life. Therefore, Tantra is not limited to sex. It is a way and attitude of life.


Tantra teaches us that when we surrender to the inner light in making love or some emotional experience, awakening will happen naturally. Through Tantra's practice or sessions, we will be completely melted and blended into the ocean of love and light. We will realize through Tantra that our essence is a living, breathing consciousness. Let go of all the worries, thoughts, constraints, buried memories, old wounds, and allow yourself to see the reality of life.


Who is suitable for Tantra


Relieve stress

Nourish and pamper

Orgasm disorder


Pain during intercourse

Traumatic experience

Issues of shame and self-worth


Unable to work stably

Lost at the direction of life

Fear of change

Unable to manifest the freedom of wealth

Long-term insomnia


Increase interpersonal attractiveness

Recover feminine charm

Accept feminine side

Boost creativity

Improve skin texture

Increase self-confidence

Since Tantra touches the entire life level, it can not only relieve physical fatigue or stress, but also bring transformation at the level of emotions or beliefs.

First of all, because of the public's impression that Tantra is still dealing with sexual issues, most people who seek assistance from Tantra courses are indeed mainly related to sex or intimacy issues. Including sexual cold, pain during intercourse, orgasm disorder, sexual fear, sexual trauma... etc.


Most of these issues not only involve the level of the body, but are also related to unconscious operations and the defense mechanism brought about by traumatic events, forming a cut-off of sexual energy to avoid feelings of shame, fear, low self-worth, and emotional experience of insecurity. now.

Since Tantra uses meditation and the flow of activating sexual energy to heal, these issues that are obviously related to sexual energy can make great progress in the course.

In addition, because the sea chakra is related to survival and the physical world, if the sea chakra is in an unbalanced state, there will also be issues about the manifestation of money, such as inability to settle down and work hard, insomnia, restlessness, and inability to achieve Wealth freedom, fear of one's own financial status from time to time... etc.

For people who are engaged in business nature or in the entertainment industry, most of the first impression of interpersonal communication is actually driven by sexual energy at the bottom, which is the peach blossom in traditional numerology. When the condition of the seabed ship is out of balance, the performance of this kind of work will also be affected.

One of the common ones is the depreciation of feminine energy in response to social constraints. Some people will develop more explicit masculine energy in order to gain recognition in the workplace or in the family. If things go on like this, the connection with the inner femininity will gradually be lost, and life will become dry, emotionally isolated, lose feminine charm, be overly harsh, and be unable to really spoil yourself... etc.

When sexual energy becomes activated, it will also drive the secretion of body-level hormones, which can reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, bring satisfaction, reduce anxiety, increase trust, inhibit fear, and relieve cerebral cortex metabolism. The increase in estrogen and the decrease in cortisol concentration will also bring about the effect of improving skin texture.

On the other hand, for people engaged in creative work or the field of art, the source of creativity directly comes from the sexual energy of the sea chakra. When it rises upward, it will bring creativity. Therefore, if the sea chakra is out of balance, blocked or closed, it will also lead to exhaustion of inspiration, loss of mobility, feeling of stagnation in life, fear of change... and so on.

Therefore, all the situations directly related to the state of sexual energy can be transformed and transformed in the Tantra curriculum.

This workshop has a dedicated Tantra session room, which is specially designed to meet the needs of Tantric sessions. It is private, relaxing, soothing and luxurious. The equipment includes L’Occitane body wash , Aura-Soma energy purifying body wash , TS6 probiotics for vigina cleansing Mousse . Before and after each session, the Tantra Special Session Room will perform energy purification in addition to general cleaning. The use of North American white sage and Aura-Soma purification spray to ensure that your session will not be disturbed by external energy conduct. The oil used in the session is based on doTERRA fractionated coconut oil. This is a colorless, odorless, all-natural product that is moisturizing and non-irritating to your skin.

This workshop in Tainan provides discounted accommodation and free pick-up and drop off from the Tainan High Speed Rail. The water used in the entire workshop has been softened, dechlorinated, and filtered. It is specially designed to meet the needs of Tantra sessions. It is private, relaxing, soothing, and luxurious. Amenities include Aura-Soma Energy purifying shower gel, Aesop shampoo and shower gel, top-quality milk petal bath. In addition to general cleaning, the dedicated Tantra session room will also undergo energy purification before and after each session. North American white sage and Aura-Soma Special spray for purification, ensuring that your sessions will take place without interference from outside energy. No expense was spared in using oil for the sessions. doTERRA Fractionated coconut oil as a base, this is a colorless, odorless, all-natural product that is moisturizing and non-irritating to your skin.

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