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Antar Kumar 2014-3-13-7:50:18

Antar Kumar


Founder of this workshop

About Kumar


Antar Kumar, founder of Kumar Tantra Energy Massage Meditation Studio, graduated with a master's degree in psychology and worked as a counselor. He has worked with Radha C. Luglio from Italy, and Homa & Mukto from Brazil to develop Tantra meditations, and has been the assistant in their formal tantra training (including Brazil, Chiang Mai, Bali, etc.) and groups for many years. In addition to the complete training of Tantra, he has also completed the training of Craniosacral Resonance Therapy, Rebalancing and Chiron Healing, also OSHO Meditaion Facilitator training and so on. Now he is a Tantra therapist and leading Tantra meditation workshop and daily Osho meditations in Essential Living Meditation Center.




With his energy essence and meditation experience, he creates a unique Tantra massage that combines complete meditation energy work. Through its generosity and warmth, the subtle observation of energy flow, and the transcendence of binary opposition, it can help clients to relax, enter a field of trust and safe, to look and bring awareness in the session, see its own frame, and then create the expansion and freedom of letting go of control and transcending constraints.

If you feel uncomfortable under the pressure of daily life, your body lacks intimacy and delicate care, encounters bottlenecks in your relationship, can't relax and enjoy sex, feels lack of vitality due to lack of nourishment, feels unable to live yourself, and feels the power of some kind of desire to expand...

Please give yourself a chance to liberate yourself in the Tantra energy massage session created by Kumar. Through the activation, purification and transformation of sex energy, you can melt the inner man and the inner woman in the cosmic climax, and then deepen your inner essence of life, extends the existence of life.

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