Tantra Meditation Session
2 hours - NTD 3,000


This is the best choice for getting started with who has never experienced Tantra. In this session, you will guide, learn and experience Tantra's unique meditation through our facilitator. By awakening the senses and awareness, bring the unconscious daily life experience back to consciousness and see Self-improvement pattern.

It is very gentle but deep in the essence of your existence, step by step to explore your senses, constraints, control, relationships and unconscious patterns, without the need for nudity or too close physical contact. If you are concerned that maybe too much impact to direct booking Tantra Energy Massage, then you can choose to start with this only meditation experience.

Tantra Massage with Meditation
4 hours - NTD 7,600​


This session is the unique Tantra energy massage in the world with meditation. The session will use different meditation and massage techniques to experience the deep relaxation and nourishment brought by Tantra's body and mind orgasm, and gain more vitality. Observe your own essence and needs, thus improving the overall satisfaction of your body, mind and spiritual. If you are ready to enter the mystery of Tantra and are willing to challenge the established framework, this treatment will bring you a new transformation.


The session includes Vipassana meditation, chakra loop breathing, moving meditation, physical relaxation meditation, touch of heart meditation, Kundalini energy awakening, Tantra energy massage, Tantra energy integrating breathing.

Yoni Massage
2 hours - NTD 5,400​


Designed for who already have Tantra massage experience, through the gentle touch of the body, eliminate the heavy pressure brought by daily life, bring you gentle and full nourishment; give the Yoni deep intimate massage to activate your sex energy. Through the experience of connecting the cosmic orgasm, you can create your unexpected vitality, let you have more energy to face the challenges of daily life.

The session consists of Vipassana meditation, awakening of Kundalini energy, Tantra energy massage and Tantra energy integrating breathing. The session time is about two hours.

Tantra Full Day Celebration
1 Day - NTD 11,500​


The session starts from 10:30 am to around 22:00 in the evening. First, the consultation and session instructions are described, followed by a one-hour Craniosacral resonance therapy to activate the body's self-healing system to provide support for subsequent cleaning. After two hours of lunch, Tantra Meditation will gradually awaken your senses and awareness; then the Tantra chakra balance purification bath will start the prelude; and the evening OSHO Kundalini meditation will promote the start of the bonfire. After dinner, enjoy an ancient Chinese herbal bath in a relaxed atmosphere, let the body's blood flow, and meet the subsequent Tantra full body and Yoni massage with the most sensitive skin touch, transforming and integrating activated sexual energy in Tantric body-mind orgasm.

Chakra Rebalance SPA
1.5 hours - NTD 3,800​


The role of the herbal medicated bath is mainly through the absorption of human skin or body surface mucosal tissue, and the use of volatile components in the herb, through the inhalation of the respiratory system, to achieve whitening, soothing, ventilating and other effects.


The session time is about 1.5 hours. It starts from the ancient herbal bath. Then it uses the Vichy bath method to massage the different chakras with water column to achieve the effect of purifying and balancing the chakra.

Tantra Sacred Goddess Ritual
3 hours - NTD 6,400


Let the cherished ones feel the nourishment of being a goddess. The ritual time is about three hours. It starts with the chakra balanced bath massage. The Vichy bath method is used to massage the different chakras with water column to achieve purification and balance chakra. With the awakened body pores, followed by Tantra full body and Yoni massage, awakening the flow of sexual energy, gradually integrated in Tantric body-mind orgasm.

Kama Sutra Tantra Alchemy
3.5 hours - NTD 8,400


Secret ancient meditation, you need to experience the Tantra Energy Massage with Meditation Session or Tantra Yoni Massage session first, and only after the evaluation can be reserved.


By connecting your inner Male and Female energy, through the chakra breathing and energy exchange, the bursting of sexual energy will merge in the heart chakra, in the ecstasy beyond the body and mind, to see the essence of the true self.


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