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Meditation Healing Series

In general, the common tantric massage sessions pay less emphasis on meditation, in the other hand the tantra meditation groups lacks the energy massage part.


Massage and meditation, in fact, are two different ways. Massage works directly on the body level, activates the energy of the root chakra, allows sexual energy (life energy) to flow directly, and loosens some memories or emotions in the body. And meditation is the way to awareness. It allows you to look at the whispers of your mind and realize the unconscious behaviors or beliefs, thus gaining the possibility of letting go of control and connecting the core of the soul.


Working directly on energy, letting sexual energy flow to initiate change, by passing the mind and accomplishing it unconsciously, the effect is immediate and strong, but if there is a lack of awareness, the part that is self-sufficient will continue to form new energy block. And meditation requires long-term awareness, and in the process of continuous clean-up, often experience the anxiety and fear that is not relied upon, but only by meditation, can we further let the ego melt and reconnect to the essence.


The massage with meditation can be more delicate to see how sexual energy works in the body, and can also promote energy cleansing more thoroughly; while the meditation with massage can get more energy support, and through the impact of sex energy operation, then realize that more of the original unconscious, so that meditation can go deeper inside.

Tantra Meditation Session
2 hours - NTD 3,000


This is the best choice for getting started with who has never experienced Tantra. In this session, you will guide, learn and experience Tantra's unique meditation through our facilitator. By awakening the senses and awareness, bring the unconscious daily life experience back to consciousness and see Self-improvement pattern.

It is very gentle but deep in the essence of your existence, step by step to explore your senses, constraints, control, relationships and unconscious patterns, without the need for nudity or too close physical contact. If you are concerned that maybe too much impact to direct booking Tantra Energy Massage, then you can choose to start with this only meditation experience.

Tantra Massage with Meditation
4 hours - NTD 7,600​


This session is the unique Tantra energy massage in the world with meditation. The session will use different meditation and massage techniques to experience the deep relaxation and nourishment brought by Tantra's body and mind orgasm, and gain more vitality. Observe your own essence and needs, thus improving the overall satisfaction of your body, mind and spiritual. If you are ready to enter the mystery of Tantra and are willing to challenge the established framework, this treatment will bring you a new transformation.


The session includes Vipassana meditation, chakra loop breathing, moving meditation, physical relaxation meditation, touch of heart meditation, Kundalini energy awakening, Tantra energy massage, Tantra energy integrating breathing.

Yoni Massage
2 hours - NTD 5,400​

Designed for who already have Tantra massage experience, through the gentle touch of the body, eliminate the heavy pressure brought by daily life, bring you gentle and full nourishment; give the Yoni deep intimate massage to activate your sex energy. Through the experience of connecting the cosmic orgasm, you can create your unexpected vitality, let you have more energy to face the challenges of daily life.

The session consists of Vipassana meditation, awakening of Kundalini energy, Tantra energy massage and Tantra energy integrating breathing. The session time is about two hours.


Sensory Ecstasy Series

Tantra massage usually has two orientations: the first orientation has a clear therapeutic goal, and the second orientation is directly aimed at the pleasure experience of sensory desires. In particular, the latter has quickly become an accepted and popular massage method in the past 20 years.

The Indian enlightened master Osho once said that the ideal new human should go to the path of the "Zorba Buddha". The Buddha is the representative of meditation; while Zorba (the protagonist in the classic literature "Greek Zorba") enjoys life represent. Classical Tantra has always followed the teachings of Shiva, enters life completely through pray and celebration, and glimpses the spiritual light in the ecstasy of the senses.

In the new era, we can put aside the long-standing guilt of sex, and respond to our own desires, accept our own body needs, and bloom the spark of life to the fullest. At the same time, we can get more nourishment in deeper satisfaction. And relax.


Through this series of sessions, new experiences can be opened, such as new types of orgasm, multiple orgasms and even ecstasy spiritual experience. These are achieved through complete surrender, accompanied by a gentle, non-critical and supportive space. Which creates space for the ultimate sensory experience of pleasure and safety. When we have a newer understanding of our sexual energy and its manifestations, we can also understand and accept ourselves more comprehensively. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

30-minute Trial Session
0.5 hours-NTD 1,600


In this session, a sensory massage with essential oils on the whole back will be performed, starting from the legs, extending to the entire back, and then to the sacrum and perineum. In Tantra’s philosophy, the sacrum is considered to be the reservoir of sexual energy, that is, where it accumulates and stores. Therefore, it is very good to massage the sacrum, perineum and related pelvic areas with specific techniques to activate the flow of sexual energy. It's an introductory elementary tantra sensory experience. You can also choose to extend to a 1- hour full tantra erotic massage or a 1.5- hour goddess sensory ecstasy feast after the 30-minute trail session.


Tantra Erotic Vagina Massage
1 hours-NTD 3,200


This session starts with a full-body sensory massage with essential oils. It first massages the back, sacrum and perineum, and then shifts to the front, from the legs up to the entire body. After that, begin to massage your genitals with gentle touches, and explore areas that are not often taken care of with different techniques. Then enter the vagina massage. Unlike Yoni massage, which focuses on the healing level, the erotic vagina massage focuses more on the stacking of sexual energy and sexual stimulation to create a more peak experience. You can also choose to extend another 30 minutes after this session to become the Goddess Sensory Ecstasy Feast.

Goddess Sensory Ecstasy Feast
1.5 hours-NTD 4,800

The session originated in ancient Indian Vedic tradition of Holy Marriage Ceremony (Maithuna), is a symbolic union of the goddess Shakti with Shiva, and then through the transformation of modern Tantrika, reversing the shadow of patriarchal returned to the worship of goddess, and it has also become a form of women's empowerment. From a practical point of view, this session does not have a standardized process and any restrictions and frameworks. It all depends on the wishes of the client and the flow of current energy. The facilitator will assist in bringing the qualities of Tantra to help client into a deeper sense or even spiritual experience.


Advanced Session

This workshop currently designs two advanced sessions, both of which must have completed at least one of other sessions and passed an assessment before participating.



Kama Sutra Tantra Alchemy
3.5 hours - NTD 8,400


Secret ancient meditation, you need to experience the Tantra Energy Massage with Meditation Session or Tantra Yoni Massage session first, and only after the evaluation can be reserved.


By connecting your inner Male and Female energy, through the chakra breathing and energy exchange, the bursting of sexual energy will merge in the heart chakra, in the ecstasy beyond the body and mind, to see the essence of the true self.


307519_231021326948448_100001217474291_761754_4631099_n.jpg 2014-3-16-3:31:40
Tantra Goddess 1on1 Sacred Transformation coaching
18 hours-NTD 32,400


This course is divided into 6 lessons, each of 3 hours, to lead you into Tantra’s core philosophy, and through practical exercises, to understand your current issues and obstacles. Then use meditation methods, breathing methods, energy activation, self-physical exploration, sensory activation, the art of touch, synchronization, energy reading, Slow Sex Technique , Lingam Massage , Venus Butterfly Orgasm Surfing...etc, you will be transformed into the Tantra sexual goddess. In addition to the formal courses, students can make an appointment for 3 additional after-school practice opportunities, each for 3 hours, at a cost of NTD 1,800.


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