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We only accepts one client's reservation a day, so although there may show two available space in one day, if one space has been reserved, the other will automatically be cancelled.


Please check the reservation timetable before making reservation. If it is displayed as "Available", it means that the space is open during this time. You can fill the reservation form. If it displaed as "Reserved", no reservation can be made during this date. Due to the change of reservation status, it is not possible to update immediately. The information displayed on the schedule is not 100% correct.


After selecting the date (please pay attention to avoid your menstrual period), you can click "Subscribe Now" below the timetable or go to our Facebook page to make a reservation by message. Our staff will reply later if the reservation is success.

After made the reservation, please inform us if there is any change, because only one client will be received on the same day. Our facilitator will wait for you in the studio. Please don't no show for no reason.

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