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The Tantric Path


Tantra is an ancient way to use the healing power of sexual energy to open your mind and senses, to change, transform, live yourself, and to love. From the Sanskrit word meaning, in Tan-Tra, "Tan" refers to extension, and "Tra" is the way or method, so Tantra is broadly a path to extension. Although it uses sexual energy, sexual energy is actually the basic form of all energy, it is the energy of life. Therefore, Tantra is not limited to sex. It is a way and attitude of life .


For most modern people, if you been asked about what is Tantra, you will probably think of sex immediately. It seems that all of Tantra's exercises are to achieve an ecstatic orgasm. However, this is only part of Tantra. In fact, everything is Tantra. The way we treat each other, the way we breathe, the way we take care of ourselves, the way we love, it's Tantra.


Tantra is a path to connect to our essence, from spirituality and senses to freedom and love. No matter what point we are in our lives, we can start again now and embark on this path to life and love with consciousness and awareness. Tantra teaches us that when we surrender to the inner light in making love or some emotional experience, awakening will happen naturally. Through Tantra's practice or sessions, we will be completely melted and blended into the ocean of love and light. We will realize through Tantra that our essence is a living, breathing consciousness. Let go of all the worries, thoughts, constraints, buried memories, old wounds, and allow yourself to see the reality of life.


So how do we get started? We must go back to the body, and Tantra’s starting point is to ignite passion and love for himself. Here are some of the key points of Tantra, and also the important spirit of Tantra sessions:


Love yourself

How can we love others without first loving ourselves? We must understand ourselves, know ourselves and respect ourselves. By knowing ourselves, we have the ability to understand others; by forgiving ourselves, we can forgive others. Don't forget that each of us has an inner divinity, we are all our own gods.



We must connect ourselves to other people and our daily lives with our love and enthusiasm as our roots. We have to make love with every moment! We must connect with our senses with our consciousness, just as we connect to others.


Awaken your senses

Try to learn and be aware of how your senses are directly linked to our emotions. Imagine that when we returned to our childhood, how did we look at everything around us with surprise and strangeness, and let each sensory experience be restarted. Use this kind of vision to make love with your partner. Every touch and every look is a brand new experience. You will find out how amazing our experience brings.


Remove armor and transform

Whether it's from childhood experiences, past life journeys or intimate relationships, we tend to hold on to prejudice, take it through trauma, and wear armor to protect ourselves. At the energy level, these armor will make our inner space tighten, preventing us from completely "in" our body. By loving ourselves, conscious breathing, and letting go, we can let the blocking energy release, unload the armor, achieve transformation and move toward freedom.


We need to learn to express ourselves and share our emotions and experiences with others in both verbal and non-verbal forms. The ability to speak externally is just as important as our ability to listen to the inner voice, to learn expression and communication, and at the same time let us learn how to listen to ourselves.



Try to answer this question: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Create a path for yourself, break the role that others have set for us, free yourself from it, and be true to yourself.


Set the boundary

On the path to growth and healing, it is very important that we learn to let go of our defenses and expose ourselves to others. In the beginning, you can expose yourself to those we trust the most, and then others. This helps establish boundaries, knowing when you can let energy flow to others, and when to keep it in yourself. Orgasm is the most direct example of retained energy. Through practice, you can develop the ability to retain energy and self-control. As you create more energy, you will gain more passion and life will become more interesting.


Meet you partner

Every day, fall in love with your partner and yourself, and constantly discover that the part you love yourself and the part that you love each other.



So let's get started! Now is the time to integrate passion, love, sex, and desire. Incorporate creativity into everyday life, and live with consciousness every moment!

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