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Tantra Massage with Meditation

Tantra is a big topic, but the concept of the center is expansion, the expansion of life experience, the expansion of self-awareness, and the expansion of the essence of the soul. It can bring us healthier intimacy relationship, a more natural self, and a more free mind.


At the operational level, it is based on sexual energy. In fact, all forms of energy are different forms of sexual energy, and Tantra promotes sexual energy in three stages through different meditation methods. : activation, purification, conversion. The first is to wake up, activate more energy, then balance and purify the energy, and then boost these energy to different Chakras, which can be transformed into different forms.


The session is around four hours includes 30 minutes consultation. The content includes: introduction of Chakras and breathing methods, Vipassana meditation, Chakra loop breathing, relaxation of the body, the touch of the heart, awakening of the Kundalini energy, Tantra energy massage, Tantra energy integrate breathing.


It starts from Vipassana, which brings the awareness back to the body through the thoughtlessness of the mind; By focusing on the Chakras in a breathing loop, it can purify the Chakras while carrying the energy flow between different Chakras.


Relaxation of the limbs is a practice of simulating seaweeds in the water. Imagine that you are a seaweed and our facilitator is the wave, letting your body move with the flow, but rooted in the ground and centered.


The touch of the heart is a meditation that sit opposite to each other, close eyes, use only fingers instead of the eyes to discover each other's body, and the touched person puts the awareness on the senses, enhances the intensity of the senses, and also experiences, how to come back to yourself in relationship, instead of letting energy flow to others.


And the tantra massage is systemic, using Tantric technique to give the body different stimuli, including the root Chakra. And the Yoni massage will bring out the sexual energy hidden in the root Chakra.


The Tantra energy integrate breathing is an energy cycle from the root to the heart chakra. Both of you allow your root chakra and heart chakra stay close or even touched with other's, and you can hold each other in a sitting position. The male inhales from the heart chakra and exhales from the root. In turn, women inhale from the root chakra, exhale from the heart, let the male and female energy meet, melt and soar.


So, the session will be naked and include Yoni massage, but it does not contain sex. If there is sexual desire rising in the process, then it is necessary to look at it without having to criticize, because sex is life, is energy.


Our body needs to be treated and nourished gently. The session is treated in the way that is most suitable and most needed of your body and energy through the synchronization of the heart. In this process, you will experience the deep relaxation and nourishment brought by Tantric body-mind orgasm, gain more vitality. Observe your own essence and needs, thus improving the overall satisfaction of your body, mind and spiritual.

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