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Tantra Meditation

The original intention of Tantra is the way to expand. What should be expanded from? Tantra's tradition believes that we all come to the world with our own soul essence, we will first encounter the binary separation of the self and the world, and then from the babyhood, in order to survive, we must slowly learn how to interact with the outer world. For example, you learned to cry, then someone will come to feed you; you must obey the rules of others before you can be appreciated and loved. Then through family, school, society, etc., many of these constraints, patterns, frameworks, beliefs, and values that are not inherent to the essence of our soul gradually cover our essence and form a thick armor, but usually We will mistakenly believe that these ego and personality are the real me, the only me, and then unconsciously grasp and recognize this ego.


Because the essence of your soul is obscured by the unconscious ego, you cannot live your real soul out, so we will experience contradictions, frustrations, worthlessness, no direction, loss of vitality, and suffering in intimate relationships.


And Tantric way of expanding is to identify what is from our essence and what is the armor that obscures the essence. By bringing the unconscious back into consciousness, we can create a space inside, to look at the pattern of ego, then let it melt, return to its center, connect the essence of the soul, and gain your own power in the process of activation, purification, and transformation of life energy so that you can live your essence.


This session will first have 30 minutes of consultation, and the content of meditation will include Vipassana, which brings the awareness back to the body through the thoughtlessness of the mind; By focusing on the Chakras in a breathing loop, it can purifying the Chakras while carrying the energy flow between different Chakras.


Relaxation of the limbs is a practice of simulating seaweeds in the water. Imagine that you are a seaweed and our facilitator is the wave, letting your body move with the flow, but rooted in the ground and centered.


The touch of the heart is a meditation that sit opposite to each other, close eyes, use only fingers instead of the eyes to discover each other's body, and the touched person puts the awareness on the senses, enhances the intensity of the senses, and also experiences, how to come back to yourself in relationship, instead of letting energy flow to others.


This is the best choice for getting started with who has never experienced Tantra. In this session, you will guide, learn and experience Tantra's unique meditation through our facilitator. By awakening the senses and awareness, bring the unconscious daily life experience back to consciousness and see Self-improvement pattern.

It is very gentle but deep in the essence of your existence, step by step to explore your senses, constraints, control, relationships and unconscious patterns, without the need for nudity or too close physical contact. If you are concerned that maybe too much impact to direct booking Tantra Energy Massage, then you can choose to start with this only meditation experience.

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