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Kama Sutra Tantra Alchemy

Its from the ancient secret method, you need to experience the complete Tantra Energy Massage session in this center first, and you can make an appointment after evaluation. By connecting your inner male and female energy, through the chakra breathing and energy exchange, the bursting of sexual energy will merge in the heart chakra, in the ecstasy beyond the body and mind, to see the essence of the true self.


The ritual begins with Tantra full body and Yoni massage. Then into penetration at doing energy-integrating breathing, with the position of the sun and moon. The heart and the root chakra contact, the male inhales from the heart chakra and exhales from the root. In turn, women inhale from the root chakra, exhale from the heart, let the male and female energy meet, melt and soar.


Then switch to the Glowing Triangle position and The Nirvana position in Kama Sutra. The female links the female energy roots of the left half of the body, feeling the feminine, soft, acceptable quality, flowing like water. And bring this feeling into the movement, focus the breathing on the second chakra, and maintain awareness; the male connects the male energy source of the right half of the body, the breathing is focused on the solar plexus, and aware the whole body.


Then switch to the Clip position and The Spider position . Women connect the male energy source of the right half of the body, feel positive, dominant, strong, aggressive energy quality, and bring this feeling into the movement, focus on the solar plexus, and aware the whole body. The male links the female energy source of the left half of the body, and the breathing focuses on the navel.


Return to the sun moon position , and connect the male and female energy sources of the left and right half body at the same time, feel the balance, stable, centering energy quality, and bring awareness to the other's energy field. Experience the fusion of energy circles brought by synchronism and bring these feelings into movement. Breathing focuses on the heart, bringing the inner man and the inner woman into the heart. Maintaining a holistic awareness, the feelings of various parts of the body are like a ripple, spread through the breath to the whole body, and to welcome the advent of cosmic orgasm.

The last practice is the "Beyond Body and Mind" meditation. it's one-hour divided into four phases, each phase lasting about 15 minutes:


The first stage: Hold in the sun moon position and stay still, and start humming, so that the Mantra is emitted from the depths of the body and vibrates to the whole body.


The second stage: Sitting back to back, focusing on the third eye for 15 minutes.


The third stage: Lying side by side, one hand hold the partner's hand, the other hand placed on the heart chakra, inhaling and exhaling from the heart.


The fourth stage: Let go the hand that is held, return to yourself, relax and rest.


The session needs to be led by experienced Tantra master, and may not be suitable for everyone. Do not practice on your own. The session time is about 3.5 hours.

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