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Tantra Holy Couple Celebration


Tantra Sacred Couples Celebration is a heart exploration designed for couples who want to feel more love, intimacy, passion and joy in their intimate relationship, rekindle the spark, or make the spark you already have stronger. blazing! Show each other how much you value each other with an evening of passion and love.


Into the gaze of each other's eyes, as if to re-explore each other for the first time.


Through the Tantra Holy Couple Celebration, you will be able to learn:


※How to have more love and cherish for your partner

※Become a better lover

※ Use brand new skills to please each other

※Strengthen the communication skills of intimacy

※Celebrate your inner divinity and worship each other's inner god and goddess


The celebration will begin with a series of meditations from which you will return to your body, including vipassana meditation, chakra circulation cleansing breath, movement meditation, body relaxation meditation, and heart touch meditation. Through these meditations, your sexual energy will gradually be awakened and awareness will be brought into the body and heart chakra, and the whole meditation process will be guided by our meditation leader.


Then the celebration will enter the Tantra energy massage, you can choose to be guided by our meditation leader, let you perform Tantra massage for each other by yourself, or choose to have a couple Tantra massage for you by the leader and his assistant.




※If you are a single woman who wants to experience the Tantra sacred double celebration and learn the technique of Tantra energy massage, this will be an amazing awakening experience for you, it will bring changes to your life, and make you and yourself Create a stronger sense of connection and intimacy with others. In this case, the meditation leader will be playing the role of Shiva in the ceremony, of course, although he is a professional leader in this, but still able to enter into the deepest connection with you, this does not mean that there will be physical or sexual Rather than entering into a connection in spirituality and intimacy, it is recommended that you experience at least one full Tantra Meditation Energy Massage before booking a Tantra Sacred Couple Celebration.

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