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Kuma Tantra Energy Massage Meditation Workshop

Opening Promotions

After a long search and waiting, Kumar Tantra Energy Massage and Meditation Workshop finally found a suitable place to set up a studio. It is still under decoration and is scheduled to be completed and reopened in early April. In this new space, we can tailor Build new devices and design new treatments. In order to share this grace with everyone, a special opening promotion is launched. As long as the reservation is completed before 3/31, you can book a treatment course within three months after the opening at the early bird discount price. The number of places is limited, please register as soon as possible.


promotion method

Those who have made an appointment and completed the case

In order to thank you for your continuous support, those who complete the booking registration form during the promotion period will be able to enjoy the pricing of any course of treatment40% offoffer, quota10bit.


Those who have made an appointment but have not yet scheduled a time slot

There is no need to fill in the reservation form separately. After the opening, there will be a special person to arrange a time slot with you. As long as the case is executed within three months after the opening, you can directly enjoy the appointment treatment30% offdiscount.


First time booker

Quota10, can enjoy the price of other treatments except "Tanttra Sexual Alchemy" and "Tantra Holy Couple Celebration"20% offdiscount.

Kuma Tantra Friends Card

To thank friends who have made long-term regular appointments, the Kuma Tantra Friend Card will be launched from now on. Each card has a total of 10 consumption quotas, and each treatment can be used once (cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions). Frequency has no time limit and is for personal use only. If there is still unused quota when Kuma Tantra Energy Massage and Meditation Workshop ceases service, you can request a full refund for the unused quota.


The Kuma Tantra Friend Card is priced at 7,000 yuan each, and can be used to redeem treatment costs worth 10,000 yuan.


Click the Paypal button to purchase, and someone will confirm with you later.

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