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Tantra Full day Celebration

Tantra full day celebration is a comprehensive experience of integration and healing. It includes meditation, energy therapy, herbal medicated baths and Yoni massage to nourish female energy, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing day and transform the full activation energy.


The schedule of Tantra full day celebration is as follows:


10:30 Consultation and session instructions

11:00 Craniosacral resonance therapy session (1 hour)

12:00 Lunch (arranged by yourself)

14:00 Tantra Meditation (2 hours)

16:00 Chakra Purify water pressure massage (30 min)

16:30 Osho Kundalini Meditation (1 hour)

17:30 Dinner (arranged by yourself)

19:30 Herbal medicated bath (30 min)

20:00 Full body and Yoni Massage (2 hours)


The Craniosacral resonance therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that promotes balance at the physical and energy levels, with the presence support by the therapist, resonance and awakens the self-healing system of the client itself, releasing the tightly held block. It creates a powerful healing on the joint, membrane tissue, nervous system; even the traumatic experience or negative energy block. To start a full day session through the craniosacral resonance therapy can give the body a solid backing and support the positive effect of energy activation for the rest part.


Tantra meditation contains the "Vipassana meditation", "chakra loop breathing", "moving meditation", "seaweed meditation", "touch from the heart". Vipassana is a valid and sensible method for awakening sensory awareness. It is a basic and important part of Tantra. "The chakra loop breathing" drives the energy to clean up and flow, opening the chakra polarity; "Moving meditation" will flow energy, bring the connection to the body, let the two layers of the split integrate and re-root; In "seaweed meditation" learns surrender, passiveness, acceptance and trust; "touch from the heart" will bring consciousness to the body from the outside, and learn how to use the heart chakra to coat each other and enters the synchronous resonance.


The chakra purification water pressure massage is based on the Vichy bath method. Through the different water column pressures operated by the therapist, different types of purifying massage are performed on the chakras of the client. The element "Water" are considered to have a purifying function in the ancient traditions of different cultures. They promote the opening and activation of chakras and eliminate the negative energy of clogging and tangling.


Osho Kundalini meditation is a one-hour meditation. It is divided into four stages. It can not only remove the fatigue of the day, replenish the vitality, but also activate the Kundalini energy of the root chakra through vibration.


Herbal medicated bath using ancient Chinese herbal medicine as the foundation, combined with western essential oils, through breathing and skin absorption, it can activate blood, whiten, soothe nerves and drive energy to have more natural fluidity.


The part of the tantra massage is systemic, using Tantra technique to give different stimulation to the body, awakening more sensitive senses, and promoting the stimulation of sexual energy. Finally, through the root chakra and Yoni (vagina) massage, the Tantra body-mind orgasm erupt the sexual energy hidden in the root chakra, allowing this energy to flow to the whole body to loosen the stagnation.


The Tantra energy integrate breathing is an energy cycle from the root to the heart chakra. Both of you allow your root chakra and heart chakra stay close or even touched with other's, and you can hold each other in a sitting position. The male inhales from the heart chakra and exhales from the root. In turn, women inhale from the root chakra, exhale from the heart, let the male and female energy meet, melt and soar.


Through Tantra full day celebration, the integration of physical and energy work at all levels not only enables the resonance between the sessions to achieve better results, but also multiplies the experience, which is less effort and leads better results.


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