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A healing journey:Tantra Yoni Massage


The reason I chose to undergo a Tantra yoni massage was due to an incident of partner violence four years ago, where I was choked to the point of asphyxiation, and since then, I've felt a constant "strangulation" in my life.

When singing, I can feel vibrations in my abdomen, but they don't resonate upwards to my skull, and I can't reach higher notes. My voice has also changed. Moreover, during sexual activities, I feel "choked" at a certain point, unable to climax and then suddenly lose all interest. I hoped to heal the trauma from my vagina and womb up to my throat or throat chakra.

From commuting by high-speed-rail to counseling and throughout the treatment, Kumar established a complete framework for healing and a reassuring space.

The session began by activating the pathways of pleasure in my body, which made the route for releasing pain more direct and unobstructed, unearthing many crying points from my vagina. I heard myself ugly cry to an extreme, then shift into laughter.

Then it switched to feeling Kumar touching comforting spots below, enjoying it, and suddenly another wave of pain was released.

This cycle of crying, laughing, and feeling good continued, letting my body release what it needed to.

By the end of the session, my voice was deeper, but I became very talkative, asking various questions like, "With so much oil used just now, why aren't the towels oily? How do you wash these towels?"

Kumar told me not to talk as it would shift me back to the mind. I understood, but usually, my increased talkativeness indicates a willingness to interact with the outside world, so he answered my curious questions.

Two days after the session, my voice is still low, but speaking with a force that seems to come from my womb. These past two days, I've heard myself laugh joyfully, with my laughter reaching higher pitches at times. I really like this kind of session; it feels like it's worth at least a year of psychological counseling.


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