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A professional and warm feminine inner healing


In early April, I came to see Master Kumar, marking my first experience as a client. Having years of spiritual and holistic experience, I thought I had healed deeply, but healing is like peeling an onion—each layer peeled reveals another potent layer. Gradually, I realized that everything naturally progresses in its own time, and things will happen when the moment is right, just like how I ended up coming to Master Kumar.

For me, exploring within has always been a cherished activity. From a young age, I was naturally inclined to love and feel compassion for others, aspiring for beauty and light everywhere. I have always believed that the world should be as I envision it, and I firmly hold on to my convictions, never easily giving up and always standing to defend them. These past few years, many changes in my life have prompted me to start shifting my perspective, initiating inner healing and new insights. My family too has received warmer treatment because of this change. I've realized I was too harsh on myself before, not to mention that the world I projected was merely a reflection of my inner self. I thank myself for loving me, and I feel more and more at ease in my body and mind.

In my healing session, Master Kumar pointed out that a strong controlling pattern was operating in my life and identified the key origins. I am grateful for such professional and warm feminine healing. If you feel a calling or are considering it, I urge you to make an appointment soon, as scheduling may require some waiting time. I'm sharing this body and mind experience with everyone.


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