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I am love itself, the origin of all creation


After settling down for a few days, I want to share my feelings about this recent course. Initially filled with fear and anxiety, upon arrival, what I felt was more reassurance and tranquility.

At the beginning of the course, Master Kumar explains the process. I had many questions in my mind, but Master Kumar quietly listened to my explanations without interfering or making me feel uncomfortable. Everything is decided according to your own will.

"Open your senses; you are the master of your body."

By focusing on breathing and sensations, I learned to understand every nuance of my skin and the thoughts it evoked, following my own flow without judgment.

From the initial nervousness to the ultimate release and focus on sensations, the earlier part of the process involved little fantasy or lust, rather, I was experiencing how much my body's sensitivity could expand in the darkness.

Following the rhythm of my breathing and rooting in Mother Earth's nourishment, all possibilities were open and filled with creativity. This is what I felt leaving the studio, trying not to overthink and simply savoring it all.

I am only clear that when one's body, mind, and spirit are all satisfied, you can fully feel grounded and supported, completely present in the moment, so full and filled with love.

Because I am love itself, the source of all creation.


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