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I am still worthy of love

This is the third time being led in meditation by the master, and each time brings a different experience. This time, I felt a deeper focus on the meditation itself, and during the body scan, I could sense the unique sensations of every inch of my skin. The most remarkable impression was when the master's energy flowed from my left hand to my right hand, creating a fascinating circuit.

Starting the session with a meditation session each time has been valuable, as it helps me settle down and provides the guidance of a master with such stable and powerful energy. It is truly rare.

And the massage session was a profoundly transformative experience. The master's touch, guidance, and impact opened up my senses, allowing for unconditional acceptance, love, integration, and surrender. The master's strong presence created a sense of stability and comfort.

During the session, there were moments of sadness arising, but afterwards, when I quieted my mind and settled down, I realized that it stemmed from feelings of rejection and disappointment in a previous intimate relationship. Through the experience in the session, I felt that I am still worthy of love and being treated so well.

Throughout the process, there was no need for any deliberate effort as my body naturally responded to the master's guidance. Although I understand that the form of climax doesn't matter, it was the first time I deeply experienced such a sensation. After the session, both my body and mind felt incredibly fulfilled.

During the post-session conversation with the master, I gained an understanding that I can gradually let go of control, connect with my body, and allow the energy to flow. However, I still need to further explore my internal issues in order to truly transform myself. I am extremely grateful to the master Kumar for providing me with such an experience.


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